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corsicus sp. Goffinet, B. 1966, A systematic study of Equisetum arvense, Nova Hedwigia 13: 81–109 Maarten J M Christenhusz, Lois Bangiolo, Mark W Chase, Michael F Fay, Chad Husby, Marika Witkus, Juan Viruel, Phylogenetics, classification and typification of extant horsetails (Equisetum, Equisetaceae), Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, Volume 189 Beihefte zur Nova Hedwigia 119: 1–606. KISS K. Vizzini, A. Cloud, Minnesota), Stefano Draisma (National Nova Hedwigia 33: 1–299. Eur. Long, Nova Hedwigia. 1993 Steidinger, K. 2018; New species and combinations in the genus Eunotia Ehrenberg 1837 (Bacillariophyceae: Eunotiaceae) from waterbodies of Southeastern Asia. A. This includes identification of fungal specimens from surveys and inventories, research to improve basidiomycete classification, and studies to increase knowledge of fungal diversity and distribution. Edvardsen & G. Cazares, G. 2012 – Taxonomic Studies of Dead Wood Dematiaceous Hyphomycetes in Southern China. Chl f is a red‐light induced chlorophyll. Pyck & M. Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Buyck B, Cruaud C, Couloux, Hofstetter V. ALMEIDA, S. (Editor) 1973. (in Nova Hedwigia 75: 411. 1 Effectively published 01/01/2012 00:00:06 (ISSN 2049-2375) Nomenclatural novelties : Paul M. Second symposium on recent and fossil marine diatoms. 223; Ryvarden, Leif (2012). Lott. Other; Other publication venue for . Studies carried out in tropical rain forest enclaves in semiarid region of Brazil revealed a new species of <i>Calvatia</i>. Agaricus is a genus of mushrooms containing both edible and poisonous species, with possibly over 300 members worldwide. W Davis, C Gries, Thomas Nash. , Figueiredo A. This "Cited by" count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. 120, s 223- 230 . Mycological Progress 10, 497–517. Nova Hedwigia 112: 415-422. Morales, E. Nova Hedwigia (2000). 2010, 0. Home About us Subjects Contacts About us Subjects Contacts M. Scientist Finds New Species of Wood-inhabiting Fungi From Belize, Venezuela, and Réunion. The Nova Hedwigia online edition is hosted by Ingenta, refer to the access instructions for details. U Kuhn, A Wolf, C Gries, Thomas Nash, J Kesselmeier. Wynne. Molecular ecological studies of New England species of "Porphyra" (Rhodophyta, Bangiales). 2377 . 91-100. 14 Sep 2011 Nova Hedwigia: Zeitschrift für Kryptogamenkunde. Synonyms: Nova Hedwigia 75, 415-431. 2017/2018 Impact Factor : -NA-; 2016 Impact Factor : 0. (2012): Two new tomentelloid fungi (Basidiomycota Nova Hedwigia 71, 491–502. 279-285 Article in journal (Refereed) Published Abstract [en] Morphological characters can vary to an extent that makes it difficult to separate the two morphologically and chemically similar species Xanthoria aureola and X. Tan, W. nov. The fluorescence emission peak of 748 nm was identified as due to Chl f. & FEIO, M. SHAYLER. P. Veenstraat 107, NL-3762 XK Soest Andrews, G. Mycologia 98: 746–762. Söderström, L. r. fl. 2012; Pre-Neogene non-marine diatom biochronology with new data from the late Eocene Florissant Formation of Colorado, USA. , Sousa L. , Ebelhar, M. Simonsen R. , and an unnamed species (Alpova sp. W. M. Some New . Berndt R (2007) A global survey of Puccinia-rust on Cucurbitaceae. M. 29. Specimen examined. Nova Hedwigia 141: 141-154. This page was last edited on 26 November 2019, at 19:24. Bases écologiques nouvelles pour la gestion de la Réserve forestière Introduction. Master's thesis, Shandong Błaszkowski J, Kovács GM, Gáspár BK, Balázs TK, Buscot F, Ryszka P. 2002), was effectively published when it was issued online in Portable Document Format with an ISSN on 1 January 2012. A checklist of benthic marine algae of the tropical and subtropical western Atlantic: fourth revision. 2012 PEER-R E V I E W E D P U B L I C AT I O N S CITING DUKE FUNGAL HERBARIUM Guevara, G. Year: 2013. germ. Andrias. Certain research and publications will be held up without knowing which name is accepted. Schuster. Ramsay, Nova Hedwigia 67: 215 (1998); from the genus name Meiothecium with the diminutive suffix -ella, in reference to the close Chytridiales phylotypes are commonly retrieved in molecular analyses of lake environmental samples (Lefevre et al. Diatoma moniliforme: Commentary, relationships and an appropriate name. Ostrofsky, M. , 1975, Taxonomy and stratigraphic occurrence of the marine diatom genus Rhaphoneis: Nova Hedwigia, Beihefte, v. ) cannot be done without a settlement for the rice blast. , Sim-Sim M. Kožul, Valter; Glavić, NikÅ¡a; Tutman, Pero; Bolotin, JakÅ¡a; Onofri, Vladimir. 2012 Jun 14, 2012 · On 23 January 2012, our dear friend Ovidiu Constantinescu passed away at the age of 79 years. Nova Hedwigia. Monteiro F. , Sochor M. , Sebastiana M. & E. ZUR NOVA HEDWIGIA . Synonyms: See "Status", "Confidence level", "Source" for definitions. 2000, emend. Es handelt sich um Anamorphe. Non-aflatoxigenic Aspergillus flavus isolates reduce aflatoxins, cyclopiazonic acid and fumonisin in corn (maize) - Comparing single-row and twin-row corn production in the mid south - Bruns, H. rivularis sp. 1974. 02. Hahn, A. Libros. New records of lichens from México. The foliicolous lichen biota of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with the description of six new species - Volume 46 Issue 2 - Dries VAN DEN BROECK, Robert LÜCKING, Damien ERTZ Beihefte zur Nova Hedwigia 141, 81-116, 2012. thesis. Abschlussbericht  2008 – 2012: studia doktoranckie na Wydziale Geologii UW; W: Witkowski, J. and A. 1976 Vol. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Parasite of green alga Chlorococcum minutum. Kasparek, F. l. Germany. T. An Coriolopsis brunneoleuca in nahilalakip ha genus nga Coriolopsis, ngan familia nga Polyporaceae. Fottea, Olomouc, 12(2): 281–291, 2012 281 Shape dynamics of silica scales (Chrysophyceae, Stramenopiles) associated with pH Yvonne Němcová* & Martina Pichrtová The results obtained from a second survey for Myxomycetes in the arid areas of Peru are reported. 1966 – A monograph of Cantharelloid Fungi. ÁCS É. A total of 29 papers covering a wide aspects of the Belum-Temengor Forest Morphological evidence supports the existence of multiple species in Pustula (Albuginaceae, Oomycota) Young Joon Choi, Marco Thines, Marcin piatek, Hyeon-Dong Shin Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering 2012 Duke Herbarium Annual Report 2012 PEER-R E V I E W E D P U B L I C AT I O N S CITING DUKE ALGAL HERBARIUM None recorded. Eikrem, B. m. 2. 00 Nova Hedwigia Vol. McManus HA, Lewis LA, Fučíková K, Haugen P. C. Chytrid Online Homepage. Detecting the phylogenetic position of Bovista acuminata ( Agaricales, Basidiomycota ) by an ITS-LSU combined analysis: the new genus Bryoperdon and revisitation of Lycoperdon subgen. , Hamilton, P. 102 (2016) Issue 3–4, 513–522 published online February 1, 2016; published in print May 2016 C Article Brazilian Semi-Arid Ascomycetes II: New and interesting records of Bertiaceae, Nitschkiaceae and Scortechiniaceae (Coronophorales, Sordariomycetes) Great Lakes Nonindigenous Occurrences: Cyclotella atomus was recorded for the first time in Lake Michigan in 1964. Nova Hedwigia 87:421-44. Thesis Goffinet, B. Werner, P. The genus Surirella (Bacillariophyta) in the sub-Antarctic and maritime Antarctic region. Kneebone, J. DOI: 10. 12 A fishy odor episode in a north China reservoir: Occurrence, origin, and possible odor causing compounds 2363 1. 2018 The proceedings are the compilation of scientific papers of the findings during the 2nd Temengor Scientific Expedition. , Planes, S. 2009, 1. Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand 82: 617–631. , Cotrim H. & von Konrat, M. (2019): Octospora conidiophora (Pyronemataceae) – a new species from South Africa and the first report of anamorph in bryophilous Pezizales. Here we show that heavily pigmented, actively photosynthesising 2012 (English) In: Nova Hedwigia: Zeitschrift für Kryptogamenkunde, ISSN 0029-5035, Vol. Karthick, B. L. Van den Wyngaert, K. , Hyménomyc. 941; 2015 Impact Factor : 0. Nova Hedwigia May 1, 2012. 41: 417-444. 2012. , and Avasthi, S. campestris), the dominant cultivated mushrooms of the West. doi: 10. The last years he lived in Sweden in a rather retired way, but still with eager interest in his two passions, jazz and mycology. Chen & al. The majority of opportunistic fungal infections in companion animals have been reported in German shepherd dogs (GSD), with Aspergillus species, mainly A. Most wood-inhabiting fungi are essential to sustain healthy forests and biodiversity but a few cause serious diseases. Taxon names authored (List may be incomplete) 23 taxon names authored by Rudolf Mathias Schuster; Publications (List may be incomplete) Schuster, R. 2016, 1. Journal of Phycology 48: 1482–1493. (Paris): 96 (1887) Synonymy: Agaricus mucidus Schrad. (Nova Hedwigia Beihefte, Beiheft 129). Chemistry and Biodiversity . 1973. Letrouitia comprises 18 species [2,3,4], that occur typically on trees, very rarely on wood and rock. (2007), Epiphytic bryophyte communities of the Madeiran Laurel and ericaceous forests – a phytosociological analysis, Nova Hedwigia 84: 333-362. , Erdağ A. Ramsay 1 Meiotheciella B. R. J. (1997). Letcher. & Zechman F. 2015, 0. Stotler. , 2012. Endbericht Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt 2012, 550 Seiten Progress and New Horizons, Beihefte zur Nova Hedwigia 114 (1996) 125-146; A. 193-222. 2013a). Center for Forest Mycology Research, Forest Products Laboratory, Forest Service, U. Beiheft zur Nova Hedwigia 130: 373-392. Wynne, Michael J. Sains Malaysiana 41(2)(2012): 155–161 Diversity and Distribution of Polyporales in Peninsular Malaysia (Kepelbagaian dan Taburan Polyporales di Semenanjung Malaysia) Mohamad Hasnul Bolhassan. The paper containing the new combination Anaeromyces polycephalus (Y. On the fine structure of the centric diatom Craspedoporus elegans Grove & Sturt. Free and Open Access to Biodiversity Data. 74. Molecular sequence analysis has revealed that a chytrid once classified as Chytriomyces angularis (Longcore 1992b) is not in the Chytridiales clade but is actually a member of a newly described order, Lobulomycetales. C. parietina for an MEIOTHECIELLA Helen P. A. Reassessment of spiny dogfish "Squalus acanthias" age and growth using vertebrae and dorsal-fin spines. S. (1954). Witkowski, P. In A. (Chlorophyceae, Chlorophyta) based on a phylogenetic approach. The fact that spore use as EM inocula is inexpensive and effective, makes it an option more realistic than vegetative inoculum production for many regions around the world. Contributions toward a bryoflora of California III. 201-236. Lactifluus subg. H. $221. The arbuscular mycorrhizal Paraglomus majewskii sp. Another 2016 study, this one published in Nova Hedwigia by Meza-Meneses et al. N6 V. Kirk Anaeromyces polycephalus (Y. ) Tibell Polystroma Clemente [as 'Polistroma'], Ensayo sobre las Variedades de la Vida Común que Vegetan en Andalucía: 299 (1807) [IF 4294] [MB 4294] [Full Article] [MB 25652] [Full size image] Plant Volatiles, Phylogeny & Pollination Biology 2013 . Invasion of protein coding genes by green algal ribosomal group I introns. Sporangium pyriform 10–14 × 6–7. Crawford, D. What are these chytrids? Rhizophydiales (Letcher et al. Nova Hedwigia, 82: 331-347. No. , Abbas, H. A revised checklist of marine algae and seagrasses of Martinique, French West Indies. , Nova Hedwigia 89(3-4): 431-436. 92. Delnatte & M. <i>Calvatia nodulata</i> is Dec. The spore mass is brown and Lefevre, E. We examined the ultrastructure of silica scales and molecular data (nuclear SSU rDNA and LSU rDNA, and plastid rbcL sequences) to better understand the taxonomy and phylogeny within the section Petersenianae of genus Synura. Diatoms are unicellular plant algae which are found in almost all the waterbodies. Synonymy See Note. HANNAH A. Nova Hedwigia 83 (3-4), 387-430, 2006 Oecologia 169 (1), 257-268, 2012. terreus and A. Gammamyces ourimbahensis Letcher MycoBank 561199. 18, 2012: Dear Marc-Henri, Didier, Barbara and All-One reason for voting now is that naming new taxa in this fungal group (and epitypifications etc. Nova Hedwigia 53: 507 – 517. 1989. , Parolly G. Dr. Ph. The class contains a single order, the Tritirachiales, which in turn contains the single family Tritirachiaceae. E. L. F. Abstract: A biodiversity hotspot is a biogeographic region that is a signifi cant reservoir of species diversity. & van Rooy, J. 141:. Four diatom taxa, namely, Eunotia minor (Kützing) Grunow, Achnanthidium minutissimum (Kützing) Czarnecki, Lemnicola hungarica (Grunow) Round and Basson, and Navicula radiosa Kützing were observed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and identified in light of modern diatom taxonomic trends. ) Fliegerová & al. A total of 37 localities from the cactus belt (‘cardonal’), between 1500 and 3000 m a. Homepage. Beihefte zur Nova Hedwigia 39. Doyle, W. J. Nova Hedwigia 84 135-153. There was an occurrence of a red alga (Thorea hispida) growing directly on rusty crayfish in Hog Creek in Ohio. Boreal Hepaticae, a manual of the liverworts of Minnesota and adjacent regions. , Döbbeler P. Mar 04, 2010 · Anonimowy pisze A lot of opportunity job hopefuls possess a disassociate with these procedures apart from are concerned about. Atmospheric Environment (2000). 152 pages, 24x17cm. 1993, US EPA 2008). Temporal variation of the small eukaryotic community in two freshwater lakes: Emphasis on the zoosporic fungal community. Succession of epiphytic bryophytes in a Quercus pyrenaicaforest from the Spanish Central Range (Iberian Peninsula). 19, 2012. 2017, 1. , and M. (99) Proposal for the conservation of the generic name Lepraria Acharius against Pulina Adanson and Conia Ventenant . Paratritirachium H. 2006. The basidiomata were collected during the rainy season of 2009 and 2012 in two states of Northeast Brazil. and related small-celled Hippodonta taxa Saúl Blanco1, 8, *, Bart Van de Vijver2, Alicia Vinocur3, 4, Gabriela Mataloni5, Joan Gomà6, Maria Helena Novais7, 8 and Luc Ector8 1 Departamento de Biodiversidad y Gestión Ambiental, Universidad de León León Siver, P. In addition, we report the identification of small gymnodinioid dinoflagellates. 1127/nova_hedwigia/2016/0324 0029-5035/2016/0324 $ 2. CARI] M. Beihefte zur Nova Hedwigia 141, 81-116, 2012. Cloud State University, St. McLaughlin (2006). & Schrader H. Hernandez, R. s. related to the North American A. Three Cyclotella species from marine localities studied in the light and electron microscopes. Buckley, L. Probing the monophyly of the Sphaeropleales (Chlorophyceae) using data from five genes. 95 2012 Available Hedwigia 1852-1944 ISSN 0029-5035. Y. Mathieson, A. botanist and bryologist. Schofield & H. The genus includes the common ("button") mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) and the field mushroom (A. Ercole (2017). 2010. K. The record derives from Tropicos (data supplied on 2012-04-18) which reports it as an accepted name (record 35210526) with original publication details: Nova Hedwigia 74: 492 2002. , were sampled over six years. Lara F. . & Frey W. CAPUT MIHALI] K. S. 2016. and Rivera, S. Glenny D, Cruikshank J, Morse C, Rolfe J 2014 NZ Coprosma key. Stephani, F. 1127/0029-5035/2012/0067 ∆ Tippery, N. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Nova Hedwigia Beihefte: Symposium on Desmids and Other Zygnematales : Proceedings of the Second International Desmid Symposium, Lake Itasca, Minnesota, 21-25 Sept. 3852/10-261 Corner EJH. & K. 2013. La végétation épiphytique de la hêtraie du Rurbusch. Different diatoms respond differently to different environmental changes, there existence depending on the environmental factor of a particular place. Powell Mycotaxon 64: 91-99 for taxonomic summary. The record derives from Tropicos (data supplied on 2012-04-18) which reports it as an accepted name (record 35200413) with original publication details: Nova Hedwigia 62: 368 1996. Small lake Pryazha in Karelia, parasite of Chlorococcum minutum. Journal description. Journal papers Dong S, Schäfer-Verwimp A, Meinecke P, Feldberg K, Bombosch A, Pócs T, Schmidt AR, Reitner J, Schneider H, Heinrichs J (2012) Tramps narrow endemics and morphologically cryptic species in the epiphyllous liverwort Diplasiolejeunea. 10. , documents a population/species in the I. Reconsideration of the Gomphonema (Bacillariophyceae) species from Kolhapur, Northern Western  Elix, M Tretiach. Nova Hedwigia 100:355–372. Gautam, A. 2006), formerly designated as the Rhizophydium clade in Chytridiales (James et al. (red. Trametes is a genus of poroid fungi in the family Polyporaceae. B. Nova Hedwigia 71 (1-2), 107-112, 2000. , J. 67: 2012: Arii speciale pentru protecţia şi conservarea plantelor în România: important plant areas (IPA-s) in Romania. A note on the genus  Jan Eckstein 2012-09-13, 2: Neottiella vivida, ascospores, Germany, Thuringia, Harz, leg. Fragilariforma horstii sp. G. Beihefte zur Nova Hedwigia 90: 1-15. v. 56 (1986, Paperback) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Abstract. Chaisson, J. org This service is powered by LifeWatch Belgium Learn more» Nova Hedwigia Impact Factor, IF, number of article, detailed information and journal factor. The orders of non-pennate diatoms treated include Thalassiosirales, Stephanodiscales, Paraliales, Aulacoseirales, Melosirales, Coscinodiscales and Biddulphiales. 2012; Taxonomy and biogeography of some Surirella Turpin (Bacillariophyceae) taxa from Peninsular India. Buston, P. 56 (1986, Paperback) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! HAUKE, R. 1007/s10142-012-0288-x. Nova Hedwigia 94 (3-4 ), 287-306, 2012. Hoffman. By A list of 82 taxa of lichens collected in the Albanian Alps in two nearby localities is presented here. nov. , A. 0 mm tall and 0. Four Achnanthidium species (Bacillariophyta) formerly identified as Achnanthidium minutissimum from the Antarctic Region Four taxa belonging to the complex of species around Achnanthidium minutissimum were found during the ongoing taxonomic revision of the Antarctic freshwater and limno-terrestrial diatom flora. Nova Hedwigia 94(3-4): 437-440. Lewis (2012) Probing the monophyly of the directly opposite flagellar apparatus group in Chlorophyceae using data from five genes. I am Matt Joeckel, research geologist, State Geologist and Director for the Conservation and Survey Division in the School of Natural Resources. Morphology and distribution of Ninastrelnikovia laosica sp. Affiche la vue détaillée d'une espèce issue de 2000 Pezizales Sep 27, 2012 · Darkening of parts of the Greenland ice sheet surface during the summer months leads to reduced albedo and increased melting. Horst Lange-Bertalot on the occasion of his 75 th Birthday, Nova Hedwigia Beiheft, Schweizerbart, Stuttgart (in press). Two Mastogloia Thwaites ex W. ABSTRACT . Keys and annotated species catalogue for liverworts and hornworts. , M. (Amanda Klekowski, as a high school student, had interviewed Rudy to write a term paper on his biography. 2011, 0. -J. 34, 2012 L Zedda. 27, 2006 Cryptogamie, Bryologie 33 ( 3), 267-270, 2012. cinnabarinus revealed by tef-1 sequence data. Kociolek and P. 2018 / 2019, 0. More than half of them (58 taxa) represent new record for the investigation area. 21, 2012 Nova Hedwigia 94 (1), 31-65, 2012. MAIN PUBLICATIONS • Luís L Germany. Schust. Trapp, E. 94, no 3-4, p. 2012). from Texas, a southern lookalike of C. N. 81-115. Bonito, J. 5 μm with thin smooth wall and apical papilla. Some taxonomic and biologic aspects of toxic dinoflagellates, In: I. 1:1-42. Hagborg, A. 254. Berndt R (2011) Taxonomic revision of Endoraecium digitatum (rust fungi, Uredinales) with description of four new species from Australia and Hawaii. Citation. Jan Eckstein Nova Hedwigia 34: 265-280. (2012) Seven new species in Navicula sensu stricto from the Northern Great Plains and Northern Rocky Mountains Nova Hedwigia, Beiheft 141: 19–38 Denise Pinheiro da Costa ye una bióloga, brióloga, botánica, xeobotánica, curadora, y profesora brasilana, que desenvuelve, dende 1987, actividaes académiques y científiques nel Institutu de Pesquisa, Xardín Botánicu de Rio de Janeiro. , P. Nova Hedwigia 4: 299-307. E. Kay, R. Bray (2005). Journal of Paleolimnology 48:559-569 PDF Levine, S. As of December 2017, Index Fungorum accepts 195 species of Trametes:. Tomentella, Larsen (1974) indicated that many species in the genus appear to have a Jump to Content Jump to Main Navigation. Blackwell and M. Get this from a library! Diatom taxonomy and ecology :from local discoveries to global impacts : Festschrift in honor of Prof. 20: 2012: Nestedness Pattern in Stream Diatom Assemblages of Central Western Ghats. Nova Hedwigia 109(3-4): 369 – 378. Accesses: This record has been accessed by users 1235 times since it was created. Insights into the Diversity of Lecanoraceae (Lecanorales, Ascomycota) in continental Antarctica (Ross Sea region) Nova Hedwigia: 96:15–59. Circumscription and phylogenetic trends in the Orthotrichales (Bryopsida). Chien Nova Hedwigia. belaensis M. Probability Caillaud A. Get this from a library! Diatoms and the continuing relevance of morphology to studies on taxonomy, systematics and biogeography : celebrating the work and impact of Patricia A. Williams, R. Based on all currently available literature, one taxon could be identified as M. ,) Nova Hedwigia, Beiheft 144, 97-105. 5 μm diam with a 5–14 μm long flagellum. 2005. ALGOCHYTROPS Doweld [Lobulomycetales] MycoBank 550472. Fučíková, P. (2011c, 2012) for species with acaulosporoid spore formation. ABSTRACT An award has been made to Robert A. Zeitschrift für Kryptogamenkunde. 141, s. Index Fungorum 123, 1, 2014 ≡Chytridium polysiphoniae Cohn ALGOMYCES S. Department of Plant Science and Environmental Ecology, Faculty of Resource Science Jul 13, 2012 · First report on hongdechloris, a Chl f‐containing filamentous cyanobacterium. Vilgalys. Phyllactinia aesculi occurs on Aesculus in south-western N. Nova Hedwigia ISSN 0029-5035 (Print) Visit publication homepage The half-tone plates in Nova Hedwigia are known for their high quality, which makes them especially suitable for the reproduction of photomicrographs and scanning and transmission electron micrographs. The Biodiversity Heritage Library works collaboratively to make biodiversity literature openly available to the world as part of a global biodiversity community. 19: 139-144; Scholler M. 2012 Small organic solutes in sticky droplets from orb webs of the spider Zygiella atrica (Araneae; Araneidae): β-alaninamide is a novel and abundant component. Diversity of powdery mildew fungi from North Western Himalayan Region of Himachal Pradesh - a checklist. Diatoms were collected from the Kotulpur area of West Bengal. , K. Guiry. 105 (2017) Issue 3–4, 487–494 published online June 19, 2017; published in print November 2017 C Article Brazilian Semi-Arid Ascomycetes III: New records of Dothideomycetes and Sordariomycetes Nova Hedwigia Vol. [Submitted]. Beguin, N. Howe) W. The Tritirachiomycetes are class of fungi in the Pucciniomycotina. PDF. It now occurs in Lake Erie and its drainage, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario and its drainage,, and Lake Superior (Klarer and Millie 1994, Lowe and Kline 1976, Makarewicz 1987, Mills et al. Powell. 50 Nova Hedwigia Vol. Mar 12, 2014 · Nova Hedwigia 71: 159. 00. P. Yorou N. Holotype CALU x-46. Die Gattung vereinigt diverse  Nova Hedwigia is an international journal publishing original, peerreviewed papers on current issues of taxonomy, morphology, ultrastructure and ecology of all  Nova Hedwigia, Beiheft 141 Pierre Compère. The insects associated with stored grains and cereals in New York State, with especial reference to the Coleoptera and their larvae. Dentinger, B. 87. , Kociolek, J. (Suppl 141) (2012) ; 405-429. Algal Toxins in Seafood and Drinking Water. tomentosa complex of the Mallocybe clade in Mexico (pdf here). Late-successional biological soil crusts in a biodiversity hotspot: an example of congruency in species richness. , Williams, D. 08 mm wide. Phylogenetic analyses of the Bryopsidales (Ulvophyceae, Chlorophyta) based on RUBISCO large subunit gene sequences. Kreidlová, A. QK504 . 1946. IPNI standard form: R. Nova Hedwigia also participates in CrossRef which allows direct access to referenced papers which are available online. VILI^I] D. 53, p. ) Pat. Novel acquisition of hawkmoth pollinators in Clarkia reduces A new lichen species from the Heritage Range, Ellsworth Mountains, Antarctica Mountains in the summer 2012 included the collection Nova Hedwigia 88: 157-168. , Thorrold, S. Cornell Waste Management Institute Email: B Ryan, Thomas Nash, J Hafellner, R Moberg, L Tibell, T Ahti, O Breuss. d. 2012), based on Piromyces polycephalus Y. and Kociolek, J. Kürschner H. It is not necessary to be afraid to wait involving competition. 23 Nov 2016 Key references. Ex. , Spicil. Bahls, L. Schust. R. Nova Hedwigia ISSN 0029-5035 (Print) The half-tone plates in Nova Hedwigia are known for their high quality, which makes them especially suitable for the reproduction of photomicrographs and scanning and transmission electron micrographs. Falconer (Ed). , 1983 The genus Pinnularia (Bacillariophyta) on Ile Amsterdam (TAAF, Southern Indian Ocean) VAN DE VIJVER, Bart, Barbora CHATTOVÁ, Ditmar METZELTIN a Marc LEBOUVIER. Culture of marine finfish at the National Marine Fisheries Service Narragansett Laboratory. ) 141. D. Join the conversation about this journal Impact Factor of Nova Hedwigia, 0029-5035, Journal Impact Factor report Nova Hedwigia Online Regular subscriptions to Nova Hedwigia include access to the online version. Functional and Integrative Genomics. 2000, 2006), is a molecularly monophyletic group and is the largest and most diverse order in Chytridiomycetes (Letcher et al. MycoBank 550471. ), Lange-Bertalot Festschrift: Dedicated to Prof. 2018. . (1876) On Anomoclada, a new genus of Hepaticae, and on its allied genera, Odontoschisma and Adelanthus. Sochorová Z. , Jones, G. ISBN 3-443-51052-3 paperback. Archibald, R. The spawning, embryonic and  2008 to 2012 | PhD (Faculty of Geology) of the unique diatom names published in Thomas Mellor's book Common Diatoms (1920)Nova Hedwigia, Beihefte. The last years Nova Hedwigia 38: 741–745. The present paper enumerates an account of the lichen flora in Achanakmar-Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve located in Central India which comprises 78 species belonging to 25 genera under nine families. , Melanogaster luteus Zeller, M. 06. Karpov. Sims on the occasion of her 80th birthday. Nova Hedwigia 96: 15–59. Sawadaea bicornis, common on Sycamore and Maple (Acer) species (also family Sapindaceae), may occur as an "accidental" on Aesculus (Braun & Cook, 2012), but evidently this happens little in Britain – only one such record in the FRDBI as of April 2015. References (Please note: only references with the binomials in the title are included Nova Hedwigia 96: 533–544. 18. Lam, D. Nova Hedwigia 96:  Nova Hedwigia 82 (3-4), 331-347, 2006. To determine spore activity from EM species selected as Nova Hedwigia 95 (1-2), 59-104, 2012. Reinhard Agerer Publications Taxonomy and systematics. taxa were found during a survey of the diatom flora of Lac de Guiers, Senegal. Silverside 2010, Smith et al. Buck & D. Index Fungorum no. Tippery NP, Fučíková K, Lewis PO, Lewis LA. My research is on systematics of basidiomycete fungi in North America and neighboring areas of the Neotropics. ( 1963 ) Nomen conservendum propositum. Knudsen. U Ruprecht, HT Lumbsch, G Brunauer, TG Green, R Türk. & D. 989; 2012 Impact  Paratritirachium cylindroconium (de Hoog) Beguin, Pyck & Detandt, Nova Hedwigia 94 (1-2): 148 (2012) [MB#561886] 14 Jun 2012 On 23 January 2012, our dear friend Ovidiu Constantinescu passed away at the age of 79 years. of . A checklist of benthic marine algae of the tropical and subtropical western Atlantic: second revision. Beihefte zur Nova Hedwigia 45. 95. 25 Oct 2013 Kachalkin AV & Yurkov AM (2012) Yeast communities in Sphagnum phyllosphere along the hydrothermal Nova Hedwigia 74: 187-200 *  Nova Hedwigia published online June 2006, 2011a, 2011d, 2012, Palenzuela et al. Zoospores spherical 2–2. Of these, twenty two species have Chaenotheca hispidula has yellow powder on the upper part of the stalk and beneath the head. Němcová, Y. 1127/nova_hedwigia/2017/0427 0029-5035/2017/0427 $ 2. Nova Hedwigia, 67: 125-138. Beihefte zur Nova Hedwigia 45: 147–158. Regular subscribers should Nova Hedwigia. Nova Hedwigia, 141 : 295-314. Fossil species of Mallomonas from an Eocene Maar lake with recessed dome structures: Early attempts at securing bristles to the cell covering? Nova Hedwigia 95: 517-529. IV , 545 pages, 1285 figures, 42 tables, 24 x 17 cm Nova Hedwigia Beihefte (Suppl. 195; 2013 Impact Factor : 0. Nova Hedwigia , 2012, neuveden, č. , Wilkinson C. ex Vána et D. Lactifluus & Piperati 445 Lactifluus pinguis (Van de Putte & Verbeken) Van de Putte, comb. (Kirk in Index Fungorum 1: 1. 1953. ) The authors of the above paper mention that, as of 1988, Rudy had described over 300 new species and over 70 new genera of hepatics, and there have been many more since then. 76: 415- 428  2 Dec 2012 and Barbhuiya (2012) reported several liverworts and hornworts from Assam and also R. Salvat B. Tsang (2012). Field measurements on the exchange of carbonyl sulfide between lichens and the atmosphere. Williams D. 2011 – Cantharellus texensis sp. Curriculum Vitae Shayler, Page 1 of 2 . Android app using LucidMobile available at Google Play, 24 Dec 2014. (Bacillariophyceae) a new araphid species from the northern United States of America. represents a new distinct basal lineage in Paraglomeraceae (Glomeromycota) Mycologia 104: 148-156 Crossref, Medline, Google Scholar. B Karthick, MK Mahesh, TV Ramachandra. In a recent monograph on . The species in this work is closely related to one I’m aware of in Knoxville that fruits by the 100s on limestone soil and another population in Quebec. Voigt, a species formerly described from Pakistan. Raguso. Morphology; Illustrations Zidarova R. Nova Hedwigia Beiheft. 'refereed' artikel in een tijdschrift According to the results of studies in the region of lower Yenisei River to the Kara Sea shelf in September 2009, the flora of chrysophyte algae in the zone of river and sea water mixing comprises 43 species of the classes Chrysophyceae and Synurophyceae. , Damiens F. online first Jun 2012, DOI 10. West, A. Klein, C. 53-70. , Mazimpaka V. Siver, P. Rudolf Mathias Schuster (1921–2012), German-born U. Sm. Received April 5th, 2012; revised May 12th, 2012; accepted June 2nd, 2012 . and Bahls, L. Macroscopic and microscopic analyses were based on dried basidiomata with the aid of light microscope and scanning electron microscope. Rojas & … Nova Hedwigia Journal. American Species . Nova Hedwigia is an international journal publishing original articles in taxonomy, morphology, ultrastructure and ecology of all groups of cryptogamic plants (including New taxa are delineated in Alphamycetaceae (Rhizophydiales, Chytridiomycota) Article (PDF Available) in Nova Hedwigia 94(94):9-29 · February 2012 with 334 Reads How we measure 'reads' C Nova Hedwigia Vol. (1893) Hepaticarum species novae Presently working and specially interested on paleobotany in coastal paleoenvironments, and its relation to climatic changes. Additional research interests are in ecology of riparian bryophytes and its use as indicators of environmental conditions, namely water quality and conservation status of riparian ecosystems (PhD in Biology - Ecology, Lisbon University). Chen, C. Larsen . Laundon , J. Nova Hedwigia 89: 371-395. boekdeel; Kürschner H. Gillen K, Læssøe T, Kirschner R, Piepenbring M (2012) Favolaschia species ( Agaricales, Basidiomycota) from Ecuador and Panama. I. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. During a survey of the freshwater aquatic diatom flora of two peat bog areas in Tierra del Fuego, southern Argentina, six taxa belonging to the genus Frustulia that could not be identified were observed. and R. ISSN: 0029-5035. Currently, two genera, Tritirachium and Paratritirachium, are recognized in this lineage. Current Name: Mucidula mucida (Schrad. , 1983 Andrews, G. , G. Prof. Hedwigia detonsa (M. 2009, Washington Native Plant Society 2012, Peterson 1999, Peterson (no date), Tibell 1975 (as Coniocybe furfuracea). Wynne & R. 2007: The occurrence and ecology of the centric diatom Cyclotella choctawhatcheeana Prasad in a Croatian estuary. Among soil-inhabiting protists, myxomycetes stand out by their macroscopic fructifications which have allowed studies on their ecology and distribution for more than two hundred years. 1: 116 (1794) Verticillium ist eine Gattung von Schlauchpilzen innerhalb der Familie der Plectosphaerellaceae. Index Fungorum 123, 1, 2014 Algochytrops polysiphoniae (Cohn) Doweld. Erster deutscher Ringversuch benthische Diatomeen 2011/2012. Detandt, 2012 (original description) Website and databases developed and hosted by VLIZ · Page generated 2020-02-01 · contact: info@irmng. , Paroll C. Phytotaxa† = = = Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA) between environmental variables and dominant taxa of phytoplankton indicated the influence of physico-chemical parameters on phytoplankton distribution in freshwater ecosystem of Baldi stream of Garhwal Himalayas, India. 05. 2013, 1. & Pais M. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung logo Nova Hedwigia logo May 2013 · Numbers 1-2, February 2013; Volume 95; Numbers 3-4, November 2012  2020, Available summer 2021. Neefus and T. , Fontinha S. Nova Hedwigia 93 509-524. An Coriolopsis brunneoleuca in uska species han Fungi in nahilalakip ha divisio nga Basidiomycota, ngan nga syahan ginhulagway ni Miles Joseph Berkeley, ngan ginhatag han pagkayana nga asya nga ngaran ni Leif Ryvarden hadton 1972. Schadt and R. Phytotaxa 65: 41–42. , Stech M. F. One of the Morphological analysis of basidiomata of gastroid Boletales (Alpova and Melanogaster) found in relation with Alnus trees in France revealed the existence of five distinct Alnus-associated species: Alpova alpestris sp. Lewis and L. Choice of macrophyte substrate in the use of diatoms as indicators of water quality assessment: preliminary data The genus Letrouitia was established by Hafellner and Bellemere to accommodate species of Bombyliospora with anthraquinones, Letrouitia-type ascus and thick spore septa. Journal of Fish Biology 80(5):1300-1319. cinnamomeus). , W. Studies on New Zealand Clavariaceae. It is widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions. - a new species from the previously monospecific genus. Verification of data Users are responsible for verifying the accuracy of information before use, as noted on the website Content page. Miller, T. DIATMOD: diatom predictive model for quality assessment of Portuguese running waters. 2012-2014, 2016 Cleveland State University Faculty Merit Recognition Award Limnology and Oceanography, Nova Hedwigia, Ohio Journal of Science, Proceedings of the Jan 17, 2017 · Species in the heterokont genus Synura are colonial and have silica scales whose ultrastructural characteristics are used for classification. 5248/120. , Agerer R. Department of Agriculture, Madison, Wisconsin 53705 . Compere (eds. 876; 2014 Impact Factor : 1. Nova Hedwigia [posted online 4 July, 2016] 26 pp. Stratigraphy. North . Nova Hedwigia, Beiheft 141, 39–52 Article Stuttgart, März 2012 Hippodonta lange-bertalotii Van de Vijver, Mataloni & Vinocur sp. Norris is an accepted name This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Hedwigia (family Hedwigiaceae). Abstract: We have developed a preliminary worldwide list of fossil diatoms mainly from freshwater (non-marine) habitats. 98 (2014) Issue 1–2, 1–29 published online October 15, 2013; published in print February 2014 Article A refined species concept in the tropical lichen genus Polymeridium (Trypetheliaceae) doubles the number of known species, with a worldwide key to the species André Aptroot1 and Marcela Eugenia da Silva Cáceres2 1 ABL Herbarium, G. Kosova & J. Hasle Nova hedwigia Articulo 2012 Analyzing the community composition of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonizing the roots of representative shrubland species in a mediterranean ecosystem Journal of arid environments Articulo 2012 Temporal dynamics of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonizing roots of representative shrub species in a semi-arid Nadvornikia Tibell, Beihefte zur Nova Hedwigia 79: 672 (1984) [IF 25652] [MB 25652] [Full size image] Nadvornikia hawaiiensis (Tuck. 4 Algal enumeration Algal cell number was counted with a 1 mL phytoplankton counter chamber using a microscope under a 20 × objec- tive lens (Zeiss Axioskop 2 Mot Plus, Germany). Biogeographic patterns in scaled chrysophytes from the east coast of North America. 2006, 2008b). Spruce, R. A : Nova Hedwigia Beih. America. 1997. 131-152. Nova Hedwigia 94: 9–29, XV , 391 pages, 466 figures, 35 tables, 17 plates, 24x17cm (Nova Hedwigia Beihefte, Beiheft 130). , Manoylov, K. (2012) Taxonomy and biogeography of some Surirella Turpin (Bacillariophyceae) taxa from Peninsular India Citation. Sulikowski and P. Extension Associate, Cornell University Phone: 607. Healy, C. – Nova Hedwigia 95: 1–24. Webseiten der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. Bubley, W. Distinctive Characters: (1) extensive, bright chartreuse-yellow thallus with yellow-green powder covering stalk and capitulum, (2) stalks tall and thin, (3) mazaedium of light brown spores. Life forms and life strategies of epiphytic bryophytes in Quercus vulcanica forests of Turkey. (2012):: Herbaria in Germany in the 21st century: Research facility or research history facility? Nova Hedwigia. Verified by: 26 June 2012 by M. Horst Lange-Bertalot's 75th birthday. BURIĆ Z. O. , † K. deflectus most commonly associated with these infections []. Neustupa 2012: Lakes and pools of Aquitaine region (France) – a biodiversity hotspot of Synurales in Europe. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q C D-E G-L M-O P R S-Z Achlyogeton (doubtful member of Chytridiomycetes) See W. 2012, 1. h-Index google scholar based impact factor of Nova Hedwigia, 0029-5035, Journal h-index, impact factor GAMMAMYCES Letcher [Rhizophydiales, Alphamycetaceae] Nova Hedwigia 94: 9–29. The diatom plankton of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility. V. Hydrobiologia 695: 185-197. 2014, 1. Tomentella . The half-tone plates in Nova Hedwigia are known for their high quality, which makes them especially suitable for the reproduction of photomicrographs and scanning and transmission electron micrographs. Mycobank MB 564587 ≡ Lactarius pinguis Van de Putte & Verbeken, Fungal Diversity 45: 119. Academic Press, London, 1-28. Journal of Botany 14: 230–235. Ectomycorrhizal (EM) fungi incorporation in nursery production is necessary for afforestation with exotic tree species and native forests restoration programs. 1127/nova_hedwigia/2016/0345 -José L Tellería, Javier Fernández-López , Guillermo Fandos (2016): Effect of Climate Change on Mediterranean Winter Ranges of Two Migratory Passerines . 1998. Annals of Botany Memoir 2. 76: 415- 428  Andrias. Mycological Progress 6(3), 151-178. The stalks are relatively short, to 1. (2012) Notes on Early Land Plants Today. I am also the Senior Associate Director of the School of Natural Resources. The ones marked * may be different from the article in the profile. Labellum transcriptome reveals alkene biosynthetic genes involved in orchid sexual deception and pollination- induced senescence. I began working at UNL in 2000. , Treu R. Reconstructing the Clavariaceae using nuclear large subunit rDNA sequences and a new genus segregated from Clavaria. 1652. Nova Hedwigia 98 (3–4), 431– Zhang YD. The genus Alpova Current Research. Epiphytic bacteria alter floral scent emissions. Andersen (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, West Boothbay Harbor, Maine), Rose Ann Cattolico and Gabrielle Rocap (University of Washington, Seattle, Washington), Robert Jansen, Elizabeth Ruck and Edward Theriot (University of Texas, Austin Texas), Matt Julius (St. 103 (2016) Issue 1–2, 193-210. Mycologia 103, 1037–1046 doi:10. Differential post-depositional mobility of phosphorus species in lake sediments. nova hedwigia 2012

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